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Clash Royale is a strategy game from Supercell and if you want to play up front, should you your cards together well. We help you there and show you on this overview gradually the best decks. Holt you your tactics to win.

In Clash Royale a good deck is a key to success. We show here gradually the best decks in play.
In Clash Royale a good deck is a key to success. We show here gradually the best decks in play. (Source: Supercell)

In Clash Royale cheats you can find 48 different maps, which you can absorb eight cards in your deck. Cards come

Ground units and air units can again after Melee and Ranged are divided.Moreover, there are spells and buildings which can accommodate you in your deck.

Deck proposals for Clash Royale

You are at the beginning not all cards. This you have to earn you by opening crates. We list here therefore gradually both simple decks can use their relatively early, as well as more specialized decks, which you can only at a higher level to take into battle.

Starter Deck – Building Rush (Arena 2)

 minions Baby Dragon grave stone Speer goblins Knight Musketierin Leprechaun Cottage

The elixir costs are moderate and you can deal with the enemy with many spear goblins and skeletons of the buildings. also sets the Giants a ball to put the opponent under pressure. The skeletons come about as a counterattack against Knights or the Mini PEKKA used and Musketierin suitable both in attack behind melee and defense against air units.

Battle Deck (Arena 7)

 elixir collectors princess

This deck sends her strong melee units like the Prince, the Dark Prince or the PEKKA to a tower. Depending on the reaction of your opponent accompanied her your melee unit, for example, with the Lakaienhorde. Sets the early Elixir collector to additionally win elixir for costly units. The Elixir collector you can place but also in defense of the king storm. Enemy units move often to him and are thus deflected.

Attacks the enemy with armies or air units, comes the hail of arrows used. The Magic “Frost” stop their strong enemy units – for example, a prince. Sets the opponents to defend his tower a unit with high Elixir costs, you can take this and the tower also off the frost spells. Most time allows your two princes, to win the tower.

The deck has high costs elixir. Therefore, you should wait to start until the storage is full. In the last minute of the deck is particularly strong since then ideally the PEKKA can be fielded.

Battle Deck (Arena 6)

Baby Dragon PEKKA Lakaienhorde

Waits this deck initially until the elixir bar is full and the enemy dares to first train. Counters him using his own building and units as barbarians, the baby dragons or arrows. Attacks then with a counter-attack and supports the above units about the prince, the magician or the PEKKA – after a successful defense phase you beat back so particularly strong.

Defensive cover (Arena 4)

arrows prince Lakaienhorde

With this deck you play defensively as possible. Build your defense and waits until the opponent spends much elixir for an attack. Then Sends on the other side of the card the prince going on. fOR free gems in clash royale do visit clash royale hack to grab free gems and gold in clash royale.

In the defense it sets the Tesla Tower and supports your units with the magic anger. This course you can also use offensively. If the enemy like building buildings, you attacked him with missiles.

Starter Deck (Arena 1)

giant arrows Baby Dragon

Simple deck with a balanced offensive-defensive ratio. Ideally you waiting first, is charged to your elixir. After that you start with the giant (in the back), waits until the opponent bets troops or the giant stands at the bridge. Then you give the tremendous coverage with archers, skeleton army or baby dragon.

Starter Deck – Low Elixir (Arena 2)

minionsskeletonsarchersgrave stoneSpeer goblinsfree clash royale gemsleprechaunbomber

have in this deck you can always send troops into the arena, as the elixir cost of all units to be small. Sets the grave stone and run with the Knights and Goblins ahead. Behind attacking archers, spear leprechauns and the bomber.


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