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A brief look at CSR Racing we have already been able to throw at the opening keynote of WWDC.

There has Craig Federighi in the detailed presentation of OS X Mountain Lion and the Game Center on the Mac shown and a drag race against a disguised as a racing driver stage host lost (the Video Plus we have appended below). Now let the  free universal app csr racing 2 hack dedicate something in more detail and the Freemium take -Game under the microscope.

First let me say that it is not about to see a classic racing game, but rather a long-term angedachtes Construction Concept your career as a drag racer. In the city there are five crews, each consisting of four riders and the crew leader. In addition, there are two other game modes per district, which are implemented in the story: drag race against the computer with increasing difficulty as a kind of contest, on the other hand even the normal race, also against NPCs, selectable between novice, amateur and professional. Further down into five districts, each ruled by a different crew and are applied as building on each other Stages.

Enough theory, off you go to the slopes! No way! First you have to prove yourself in two tutorial race that explain you how to control. accounts give steering and gas, only when starting You need the accelerator gently caress, to hold the indicator lights green, then the vehicle is accelerating on their own. You must then only at the right time engage the next gear and – if you unlock or ransomed it – Nitro fire so that your bangs in front of your opponents to the finish line.

Do you have the tutorial behind you, you will receive an initial capital of 25,000 dollars and 5 gold coins, which must be invested in a vehicle. Are much choice it for not, but maybe. Thus, the vehicle can then be driven also after purchase, you must pull the trigger 5 gold coins. Just the 5 gold coins that were you still paid at the beginning. Your so start on the whole with a lame case without coal on the account and no gold coins. Unless surprising gear in racing game simulations and there, right? Not quite, at least not with CSR Racing ! Complete your it finally hit the slopes against an opponent of anti-fun is in fact only kicked off.

Pro drag racing gasoline is consumed naturally. This fuel is indicated by a bar in the game menu. Consumes a race at the top one-tenth of the inguinal content per race, but this increases the level of difficulty and the type of race (drag races against crew bosses use twice as much fuel). If the bar is empty, you must either wait for a sufficient time, or fill it with gold. Two gold pieces correspond here to a full tank. Of course, there is no gold penny, only during the ascent to the next level, there is a gold coin. Otherwise you pay your beginner vehicle with Game Dollars, as well as the Aufrüstteile and vehicle improvements.

Pro CSR Racing precipitated by really impressive graphics, even more so on the retina iPad.The drag-vehicles are licensed and come from reputable and well-known manufacturers, including Audi, Ford, BMW, Chevrolet and Mini. The game concept should be several weeks enough incentive not to delete the game. Unfortunately, that’s it but even with the Pro-entries.

The game developer Natural Motion Games is very on your savings. And unfortunately, we hereby mean your real money. Get ahead in the game or the like it is not to lose, is without the use of home app very difficult -Käufen. Also, many of the outstanding designed vehicles prohibitive when gold cost . A home App -Purchasing of 80 euros is as consumed with surprising speed. At a certain upgrade level of your vehicles you must on the parts even wait if you have bought it with the Game Dollars. Selects your variant in exchange for gold coins, you go of course jerk twitch.

Two particularly unsightly abnormalities we do not want you also withheld. On the one hand we are completely opposed to good reviews in the csr racing 2 to sneak by the player will be rewarded with in-game cash for it! This stance seems to spread further and further, and it is also in CSR Racing added. Many of the thousands upon thousands of reviews thus are worth nothing.

In addition, many users complain about the almost same problem : from reaching level 11/12 there are suddenly problems that app crashes or your vehicle is running at a time in reverse.Can you still somehow finish the race, there are for the defeat at once several hundred thousand dollars, which are then not credited. After a restart of the app the score is suddenly back to square one and you have to completely start from scratch! Also on our test equipment that has happened.

Particularly interesting here is that we are for the detailed test an In App had indulged -Purchase of gold, which was also off by the score-loss, but was nevertheless credited to our editorial credit card! The csr racing 2 cheats Support are located in dozens of emails that we have already shared with you, buttoned. Neither an apology for the inconvenience nor Score recovery or refund of IAPs were offered to date!

Supplement of 2 July, 23:45
Whether there is a response to this Review or pure coincidence, definitely news regarding our support disputes. The by us as urgent bug -scale support ticket was closed and when,Resolved , classified. This refers us the support that the developer division on the issue had been informed and working on a solution, more could not do users of the game or expect. The overdue apology was here just waiting for as well as possible reparations by Natural Motion Games .

In conclusion
Our conclusion precipitates behave. Who has a cash cow at home or really plays no role for the money, will be able to have fun with CSR Racing . The best vehicles, sufficient fuel and upgrades are you then free and no waiting time. At least until the bug described above strikes and your score kills. We advise bottom line, however, depend on the app to learn to love.Maybe your just the first crew boss even without costs -Use, possibly even all. But that is no home app a real puzzle -Purchase. With money stakes but you can watch the actually free CSR Racing readily play in financial ruin! Actually we wanted to cast two iBalken an exhaustive review, the grottige support, but with which we grapple for days, but costs another iBalken. In short, you can try the free CSR Racing universal game course itself through its paces, before Germany app -Käufen but we do not recommend.

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